Sic Bo

Some casino games are played with cards while others are played by spinning the reels. Then you get some that are played by rolling dice. Some popular dice games include Craps and Sic Bo. In this article we will be focusing on the latter and will be telling you how to play this amazing dice game online in India.

About Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a dice game that originated in China many years ago. The game is played with three dice ( which is fitting since the literal translation of Sic Bo is “precious dice”). The popular game in China made its way to the West and was introduced as an attraction at the Carnivals in the US. However, the popularity of the game truly took off when it was introduced at casinos in Macau. Today Macau is one of the biggest online casino markets in the world that is on par with Vegas and Monaco. As the game took off in Macau it quickly became popular attractions at other casinos around the world, under various names. Be that as it may, Sic Bo has established itself as one of the most popular dice games around!

So what distinguishes Sic Bo from other die games? Well, in Sic Bo each roll of the dice determines the outcome of the wager. Unlike Craps, where the winnings are determined after a number of rolls. This key aspect makes Sic Bo unique in that it is a game of pure luck where it is difficult to develop and implement a strategy. One benefit of this is that the game is as easy to learn as slots. All that is required is for you to learn what bets you can make and how the Sic Bo table works. Once you master these basic rules you are good to go!

How to play Sic Bo online

In Sic Bo you use three dice, instead of the conventional two dice. These three dice are placed in a box by the Sic Bo dealer. The dealer then gives the box a shake and throws out the dice. In the online version we have the same rules but instead of a dealer throwing the dice we have Random Number Generators that simulate the probabilities found in the traditional game.

Players bet on the outcome of the three rolled dice, with each bet having its own unique odds. There are a number of different bets that one can make including:

  • Big Bet
    A big bet is where the total of the three dice is a number between eleven and seventeen. Statistically speaking this bet has a 48,6% chance of being in your favor and pays out 1:1.

  • Small Bet
    Much like the Big Bet, the Small bet also has a 48,6% probability of coming out. As the name suggests, the small Bet is where the dice create a total value between four and ten. Should you guess correctly this bet will pay out 1:1.

  • Even Bet
    In this bet the player will wager on the outcome of the rolled dice being an even number.  There is a 48,6% chance of this being rolled with a potential payout of 1:1.

  • Odd Bet
    In this bet the player will wager on the outcome of the rolled dice being an odd number.  There is a 48,6% chance of this being rolled with a potential payout of 1:1.

  • Alls Bet
    This bet consists of wagering on all dice landing on a specific number. The player will first choose a number and wait for the dealer to roll the dice. If the dice land on all three of the chosen numbers the player will be paid up to 215x their bet! However, the odds of this are very low at a mere 0,46%.

  • Specific Doubles bet
    If you want to take a bit less of a risky approach to your game you can opt for the Doubles bet. This consists of the player selecting a number which two of the three dice must land on. There is a 7,41% of this occurring with a payout of 11:1.

  • Any Triple Bet
    Any triplet bets consists of a player betting on any number appearing on all three dice. This has a higher chance of occurring than the “alls bet”, however the probability is still quite low at 2,8%. The payout is generous at 30:1 .


Sic Bo is a really fun game for those who like the excitement without complicated rules. This game is pure luck with very little strategy required. If you think this is for you then we highly recommend checking out one of our Sic Bo casinos today.

FAQ - Sic Bo

Yes, simply access your casino account through your mobile browser or download the app to enjoy Sic Bo on your mobile phone.

Yes you can play sic bo for free, however you will not stand the chance of winning any real money. We recommend playing for free if you are a first timer or you are not familiar with the online version.

Yes, casinos that offer Sic Bo will usually also offer Craps, a popular dice game in both online and land based casinos around the world.

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