Pai Gow

In this article we will be taking a look at a variation of the traditional poker game. This version known as “Pai Gow” is the americanized version of the game which has become very popular, particularly in Online casinos. We will take you on a crash course on Pai Gow and tell you everything you need to know about playing this awesome game online in India today.

About Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow is a game that originated in China where dominoes were initially used. In the 80’s the game was transformed into Pai Gow poker which is the version we see across tested online casinos around the world today. This american version of a dominoes game is simple to learn and provides tons of fun!

What's interesting about Pai Gow poker is that the card deck consists of 53 cards instead of the traditional 52. This is because there is an added joker in  the mix to spice things up. This is a banker game where players attempt to create a hand that beats the dealers. There are a max number of 6 players that can take part plus the dealer.

The game is distinguishable from traditional poker as  it requires players to create two poker hands instead of 1.  With the seven cards you are dealt you will have to create a two card poker hand as well as a five card poker hand. The two card poker hand is referred to as your small hand while the 5 card poker hand is your big hand

How to Play Pai Gow poker

Playing Pai Gow is very similar to playing traditional poker. The key difference is understanding how to make your two poker hands and what they mean for the bets you will place.

Your two card hands must be a pair or alternatively two high cards. Your five card hand follows the usual poker hand rules. The rule that applies here is that the value of your 5 card hand must exceed the value of your two card hand. Breaking this rule will automatically result in a foul. Once you have selected which cards will make up your small hand you will place those two cards in front of the 5 card hand. The joker acts as a wild card that can be used to complete a flush.

Your hand will then be weighed against the banker's hand to determine who wins the round. In order to claim victory your two hands, the two card and the five card hand, must be stronger than the bankers. If they are not you will lose the bet.

Playing Pai Gow for free

If you are familiar with traditional poker but have never played Pai Gow then we strongly recommend giving the free version a try. This will help you a lot with familiarising yourself with the rules and getting you accustomed to the online version.

Some of the benefits of playing for free includes:

  1. Playing risk free - Being able to play in a risk free environment where you do not have to wager any real money allows you to develop your strategy and get a feel for the game. This is important, especially if you are a new player.

  2. Familiarise yourself with the rules of Pai Gow - Even if you are comfortable with peker, the rules of Pai Gow are a little different. There's only so much you can get out of reading and the best teacher is actually going out and practicing.

  3. Get a feel for the casino - If you are signing up as a new player at a casino, playing for free allows you to get comfortable with how the casino operates.


Find our great online casinos that accept Indian clients where you can play Pai Gow for real money and for free. These Indian online casinos have been handpicked to provide you with the real Pai Gow experience and we couldn't recommend them more! This super fun version of poker is certain to provide hours of entertainment!

FAQ - Pai Gow

Pai Gow is a type of Poker, but instead of 1 hand you use 2 hands. 1 hand consists of two cards whereas the 2nd hand consists of 5 cards. The player must then beat the dealer based on the rules of Pai Gow.

Finding a casino that offers Pai Gow is easy. This version of classic poker can be found on one of the casinos listed here, alternatively a quick google search will show you exactly where to find Pai Gow casinos

Yes You can play Pai Gow online for free. This will depend on the casino but usually they will offer a free version where you do not have to wager any real money

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