Live Casino India

A new addition to the Indian online casino experience is live casinos. Everyones talking about it and if you are starting your head asking yourself what it is, then you are in luck…

In this article the topic of discussion will be Live casinos. We will be telling you everything you need to know about this new and exciting feature that can be enjoyed at online casinos.

Best live casinos India

Below you will find an overview of which live casinos you can choose in India. Choose an Indian live casino to gamble with from our list if you want to make sure you can place bets reliably and safely.



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About Live Casino

Live casinos have been introduced in most online casinos as the demand for something a bit more realistic has increased. Players miss the feeling of sitting down at the Blackjack table and interacting with the dealer or seeing the roulette wheel spin. These are simply things that the Random Number Generators at online casinos cannot imitate.

Live Casinos involve a live stream of an actual casino game being played at a land based casino. This game is streamed directly to your device wherever you are and you play as you would a normal online game. The added benefit of this is that the gameplay is more realistic. If you are someone that earned your stripes at land based casinos this will be right up your alley. You will once again feel the familiar tingle of interacting with the dealer and hearing the cards shuffle. Some even say that they experience better performance when using the live casino option as it feels more familiar to them.

How do Live Casinos Work

Live casinos utilize software from respected software companies such as Realtime Gaming, Playtech or Microgaming. These companies have literally been there since the beginning of online gambling and have the expertise to oversee this type of technology.

The technology used relies heavily on a strong internet connection in order to avoid lag between the streamed game and the players interactions. Let's take BlackJack for example. In the Live Casio version there will be a live dealer. The live dealer shuffles the card and deals the hand to the player. From the players side you will have a screen where you can indicate what move you want to make, Once you select your options on screen it is communicated to the live dealer who reacts accordingly. It is actually quite simple yet goes a long way!

Online Casino vs Live Casino

Online casino games are much more abundant than live casino games. This is because they require much less technology and effort to keep them up and running. Where a well established online casino may have 20 live casino games they will have hundreds of other games that are not live.

Another key difference with normal online casino games and live casino games is the speed at which they run. In live casino games it will feel as if you are at the casino again. This of course entails waiting for the dealer to shuffle the cards and deal your hand in real time.

Regular online games are much faster. Random Number Generators spit out information at light speed which makes the games go much faster! This brings into play the fact that when you are playing faster you will more than likely go through your bank roll at a far greater speed than if things were moving slower. When you get caught up in the heat of the moment you may just bet more than you usually would.

How do I find a live casino

So you like what you hear? We are sure you do. The online casino market is growing as countries around the world have started losing gambing restrictions. The increase in the amount of people has led to a more diverse crowd. The diversity has sarked even more of an interest in live casinos and this is why you will see a lot of casinos offering live versions of their games.

It really isn't hard to found a live casino. Most of the well established casinos out there are offering some form of live gaming. Some of the casinos we have reviewed have great live gaming options. Personally, we recommend checking out L&L Casinos as most of their casinos offer live dealer games.

Live Casino India FAQ

A live dealer game utilizes technology to stream a live game from the casino straight to your device. You place your bets from your device and the live dealer responds accordingly.

Most of the table games that we have found are Roulette and Blackjack.However, there are casinos that also offer other live games such as live poker and live Baccarat.

The most popular live dealer games are Live Poker and Live Roulette.

Top 5 Indian Casinos

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