Keno is a betting game that greatly resembles Bingo or your average local lottery. In this article we will be looking at games of Keno and telling you how you can find casinos in India that offer this game. This is a really simple casino game that requires very little skill, which makes it a strong choice for many.

About Keno

Keno may look very similar to Western games like bingo, however it  has its origins in China. An interesting fact about Keno is that it played a significant role in bringing the economy back up after war had ravaged much of China and was a key tool used to raise funds for the great wall of China!

The game then made its way to the United States when chinese immigrants started flooding the US to build the railways in the 1800’s. A few changes were made to the game but the general idea remained the same. Whereas symbols were used in the Chinese version, the US version used numbers. The game then took another interesting turn when it was merged with horse racing. Well, it actually had nothing to do with horseracing rather the names of horses replaced the numbers on the Keno card. This didn't last very long and soon we were back to using numbers. Interestingly enough the racehorsing legacy within Keno is why we still call individual games sof Keno a race!

The game is really simple. If you are in a land based casino you will be given a card with 80 numbers. The Indian Online Casino player then chooses between 1 and 20 numbers on the Keno card and hands it back. Depending on the casinos players will be paid out according to what numbers are drawn out. The payout will be according to the specific paytable of that casino and can differ quite significantly depending on where you find yourself.

Keno tickets:

  • Straight - This is the easier bet you can place, and this is probably why it is also the most frequent bet seen. It involves placing one wager on a group of numbers. For example a player can wager on 1 group of 3 numbers and another group of 6 numbers. If the player hits any of the numbers inside the group then the players will be paid out according to the payout table and how much was wagered.

  • King - A king ticket involves choosing a single number on its own. This can be placed in combinations with the straight bet which makes the Keno game very exciting.

  • Combination -  Keno players can mark a group of numbers as well as combinations of the groups already marked. This means that when you select 1 group of 3 numbers and 1 group of 2 numbers you can then select another group consisting of the 5 numbers. This is just a way of diversifying your bet and increasing your chances of winning.

How to play Online Keno

The only difficult part about playing Keno online is finding a casino that offers the game. The actual gameplay of the online version is exactly the same as the land based version. The only key difference is that the online version is run using Random Number Generators that ensure the game is fair. What you will notice as being different is the fact that online Keno takes much quicker. This is because more often than not it is just you playing against the software whereas land based keno has multiple players joining in. this of course takes a bit longer to process.

Keno online tips

Keep in mind the following tips before embarking on your online Keno journey:

  1. Get to know your odds - Keno is a deceptively simple game to play. This is so because the odds are quite tricky to get a grasp of. For example playing ten numbers may seem like a decent gamble when there are only 80 numbers in total however the chance of hitting all 10 is 1:9 000 000 ! The best strategy is to choose smaller groups of numbers to increase your chances of winning big.

  2. Look out for keno Welcome Bonuses - Keno welcome bonuses are a great way to get yourself going as a new player. This can line your bank roll with some useful extra funds so that you can start on a high note.

  3. Try out the free version before playing for real money - Many Casinos offer free versions of keno. This is very useful for those who are only familiar with the land based version. The free keno version will show you the ropes before making you put up real money. This risk free option is highly recommended.


Indian players will be pleased to hear that keno falls under lottery lie games and this means that it falls within a grey area of the law. In our expert opinion we would say that playing keno is perfectly legal in india and there is nothing to worry about. If you do decide to play Keno we suggest checking out some of the casinos we have reviewed as they have received our stamp of approval and can be trusted without doubt.

FAQ - Keno

Yes, Keno can be played online as long as the casino offers this game.

Keno can be played for both real money and for free. We suggest trying the free version if you are unfamiliar with the different bets you can make or if you have no experience playing online.

Finding a casino that offers Keno is simple. We suggest heading over to our listed casinos in order to find one that offers this fun game.

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