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At we have created a space where you can find everything you need to know about casino games. We will be showing you a few of the most popular casino games that you will find at an online casino as well as a bit more information about them.

History of Casino games

Casino games have a long history that can sometimes stretch as far back as a few thousand years. Whether it be in ancient Egypt, where the first set of dice was discovered dating back 2000BC, or the Colosseum of the Roman Empire , where spectators would bet on which gladiator would come out on top, gambling has played a significant role in society. The act of betting on an uncertain future outcome remains just as popular (if not more) today as it did all those years ago.

Casinos have been the home of gambling since the 1600’s when Ridotto Casino set up shop in Italy. This quickly built up momentum as people saw the huge benefit that the gambling industry brought to developing the economy. Today you will find a casino in most parts of the world where many different casino games are offered.

The move from traditional brick and mortar casinos to online casinos was not a smooth one. When people think of casinos they imagine the bright lights of Las Vegas or the lavish lifestyle of Monte Carlo. Online casinos have completely changed the idea of gambling by bringing these games straight to your home (or even your phone!) This has made gamblin super convenient and improved accessibility.

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What Casino game can I find online ?

So you may have been thinking about making the move online. The first question that you may ask yourself is what games you will find online? And how do they compare to the version found at traditional casinos? Well we are here to answer all these questions.

On our site you will find everything you need to know on the following casino games:

  • Online Slots
    Slots are arguably one of the most popular games at casinos. Online casinos are no different and you will find that the majority of the games on offer are made up primarily of online slots. Online casinos use software to deliver a realistic experience that is similar to what you would  find in a traditional casino.

  • Roulette
    The roulette consists of black and red sections of a numbered spinning wheel. This wheel is then spun while a ball is placed on it. When the wheel comes to a standstill the ball will land on  either red or black with a corresponding number. Players will bet on the outcome of where the ball will land. The online version of the game is exactly the same except for the fact that numbers are determined using a Random Number Generator.

  • Blackjack
    BlackJack is a classic casino table game which involves players using their hand, consisting of two cards, to get as close to 21 as possible. This game is extremely exciting and gives the player the highest chance of making a profit due to the low house edge.

  • Baccarat
    Another popular card game that has made the transition to online play, baccarat is another household name enjoyed around the world. The rules are simple : All you have to do is place a bet on whether the dealer or the player will have the strongest hand. The best hand is one that comes closer to 9.

  • Sic Bo
    Sic Bo is like a combination of two popular casino games, Roulette and Craps, but with its own twist. The name is directly translated into “ pair of dice” even though you will in fact find three dice in the game. This simple, yet loads of fun, game requires you only to bet on the outcome of the rolled dice. Players bet on the outcome of the three rolled dice, one of the dice, two specific dice etc. The outcome of which has varying odds that correspond to how much you will get paid should you guess right.

  • Pai Gow
    Don't let the name fool you, this game was actually developed in the 80’s by an American. Since then the game has really taken off and can be found in many casinos, both land based and online, around the world. This card game puts you up against the dealer. You are dealt 7 cards and you are required to make 2 poker hands, one with 2 cards and one with 5 cards. If your two hands are the better between you and the dealer, you will win.

  • Keno
    This is a bingo-style game that requires players to choose  up to 10 numbers between 1-80. The numbers are then drawn out and depending on what comes out you will receive your payout. Software uses Random Number Generator to call out numbers. Although it may seem like an easy game there are in fact 3,535,316,142,212,174,320 possible number combinations which makes for a nail biting encounter!

  • Craps
    Craps may appear confusing at first but once you get the hang of it is one of the most entertaining games you will find at a casino. The dice game requires you to wager on the possible value of the dice. Without getting into too much detail we would just like to say that this game requires some research into the rules, which we have done in our dedicated Craps section.

  • Bingo
    When you think of Bingo you may think of an old age home with pensioners passing the time on this classic game. The online version takes the best parts of the classic game with a new twist. This is probably the easiest game you cn find at an online casino but still provides loads of fun.

  • Video Poker
    Video poker is a great alternative to traditional poker, which puts you up against the computer dealer. This is particularly useful if you want to develop your poker strategy while giving you the opportunity to win some funds. This game blends skill with fun perfectly!

Online Casino Games FAQ

Yes you can win real money playing slots online. The amount you win will depend on the amount you have wagered. If you are booking to win big we suggest checking out the progressive jackpot.

Any game found at an online casino in India. Whether you are playing slots, blackjack or video poker you can win real money.

There is no best online casino game. Each casino game is different and will suit different people. At the end of the day the best casino game is one that brings the most joy out of you!

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