Bingo is one of those games that is quite underrated with regards to the level of enjoyment that it brings to players. The rules are super simple which makes this game an easy option for the masses. A staple in old age homes around the world, we will be taking an in-depth look at Bingo and show you how to play Online in India.

About Bingo

Bingo is a game that has a stigma for being exclusively played by old timers in retirement villages However the game has actually come a long way, with some historians claiming it to go back as early as the 16th century!

Bingo was first played in carnivals in the early 1900’s but then as the popularity of the game surged a number of designated bingo halls emerged. These bingo halls began springing up all over the world where the game was . In recent times we have seen a steady decline in Bingo Halls with one of the major factors being the rise of online casinos India.

The rules of Bingo are straight forward. Each player receives a bingo ticket which has a series of numbers on it. Each bingo ticket has its own set of unique numbers on it which will determine how much you will win. Numbers are then called out and the players mark off the number on their ticket accordingly. In land based versions of the casino game numbers are called out using a bingo ball selector whereas Random number generators are used in the online version.

How to play Bingo online

Playing Bingo at a land based venue in India is strictly forbidden. However, the law says nothing against playing Bingo online! This is great news as it allows players from India to get in on the action and try their luck at Bingo.

The only key difference that you will find in the online version is that it goes a lot faster as you are simply [playing against the computer. Numbers are generated using a Random number generator which also speeds things up considerably!

Playing Bingo online for free

Many casinos offer a free version of Bingo to new players who want to try it out without wagering any real money.  This can be useful for those who have played before on land but are not familiar with playing online.

Once you are comfortable with the free version all you have to do is deposit some funds into your account which can be used playing Bingo. The benefit of playing with real money is that you stand a chance of winning some real cash. This of course makes the game all the more exciting...


A great way to get around the tricky legislation in India is simply to play online. By doing this you can ensure that you stay clear of the law and can enjoy your winnings! Bingo is a great game for anyone, of any age, and can give you hours of fun! Check out our list of amazing Bingo casinos today and get started.

FAQ - Bingo

Bingo is a game where numbers are drawn at random. You then mark off, on your bingo ticket, depending on what number is called. Of Course when all your numbers are called you will call BINGO!

Although Bingo has traditionally been played at Bingo houses we now have various online versions of the game. You can now find online bingo at most popular online casinos around the world including the ones found at

Of Course the amount that you win will depend on the numbers that are called out.

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