In this article we will be taking a look at the universally adored game of Baccarat. This game has been around for hundreds of years but has in recent times made its way online. We will take a look at this great game and provide you with some more information on playing Baccarat online in India.

About Baccarat

Baccarat is a game of chance that originated in Italy in the 15th century. The name ‘Baccarat’ has its origin in the Italian word for zero, which describes an important aspect of the game. Zero is significant because the King, Queen, Jack and Ten cards all have a zero value. On top of this when a player receives a hand with a value of zero it is referred to as ‘Baccarat’. As the game of Baccarat spread throughout Europe so too did different versions of the game arise. These versions were more or less the same with slight variations on how the cards are dealt.

Playing Baccarat at casinos has always been a popular attraction. A game that was usually reserved for the upper class of European society was made accessible to the rest of the world through casinos. The movement of casinos online has brought with it this great game. Baccarat enthusiasts can now enjoy this classy casino game while in the comfort of their home!

How to Play Online Baccarat

Online Baccarat will feel com;etely familiar to those who have played it the conventional way. The only thing that changes in the online gambling version is the mechanics on how the cards are dealt. Whereas the land based version entails a dealer shuffling and dealing the cards, the online version utilizes Random Number Generators to mimic the effect of a dealer.

The game consists of a set of cards, that ranges between 6-8 decks depending on which version you are playing. The game falls in the category of ‘banker’ card games together with BlackJack. Banker card games means that you as the player go up against the banker to see who can make the best hand. However in Baccarat things are a bit different. Instead of players going up against the banker there are two hands which the person betting can wager on. And this is how the game begins…by the banker being dealt a hand and the player being dealt a hand.

Participators in the game will then choose whose hand, the banker or the player, will win. This game really requires very little effort on your side except to choose which hand will come out best. The rules are simple and are summarised below:

  • 10 card and Jack, Queen, King have a value of Zero
  • The ace Card has a value of one point
  • The banker and the player receive two cards each
  • If the total value of the hand is a 2-digit number then only the second digit counts ( for example if the banker receives a 5 and a 8 the value of the hand will be 3)
  • A Natural win occurs when the value of a hand equals 9 or 8 ( this is ‘naturally’ because this hand cannot be beat)
  • When neither the player nor the banker hits a natural hand then one more card is dealt to the player.


Baccarat and the live casino version of Baccarat may seem tricky at first, but this shouldn't keep you from giving it a try. This truly is one of the most entertaining online casino games around that will provide hours of fun. Prepare yourself for some tense moments with very rewarding outcomes!

FAQ - Baccarat

Baccarat is a card game traditionally played at land based casinos. Recently this game has made its way online and is gaining in popularity around the world. This falls into the category of player-banker games where the two compare hands to see whose is stronger.

Yes. There are three different types of Baccarat including:

● Punto Banco
● Baccarat chemin de fer
● Baccarat Banque

Yes, you certainly should play baccarat online. If you are familiar with baccarat at land based casinos you will absolutely love the online experience. Things have a faster pace but the rules remain the same.

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